NZRM Update 2021-02-01

Welcome to the first update for February. Looking back, the first month of Webmaps has been a busy month with coverage gradually being increased. The webmaps now cover just over 500 km of the national network, and this is being steadily increased alongside other project work as time allows. Today’s update takes the NIMT coverage… Continue reading NZRM Update 2021-02-01

NZRM Update 2021-01-24

Good morning. This week’s update to NZ Rail Maps consists of the following: Added NIMT as far as Waikanae to Webmaps Added Johnsonville Branch and Johnsonville-Tawa Section to Webmaps Created the Volumes subsite (accessible using the Volumes link on the menu) to hold static maps. This area will include image galleries, PDFs and GPX files.… Continue reading NZRM Update 2021-01-24

NZRM Web Maps Update 2021-01-17

Good morning. This week’s update to the site adds new content as well as some client changes. A separate page from the main webmaps site shows the special set of aerial photos taken of the South Island East Coast following the 2016 Rotherham Earthquake. This is at a resolution of 0.2 metres per pixel and… Continue reading NZRM Web Maps Update 2021-01-17