NZRM Update 2021-03-17

Good morning. This week’s update to NZ Rail Maps adds in Volume 12 in the South Island as well as some missed detail in the North Island. In addition some extra stations have been added into the default webmap view that is initially loaded in a browser (zoom level 9). Volume 12 is one of… Continue reading NZRM Update 2021-03-17

Questions Over Government Rail Freight Strategy [3]

As noted in our last post the government has effectively given over the incentivisation of mode shift to rail to regional / unitary councils to implement in concert with NZTA. This relies on the assumption that rail freight between industries and ports is a major traffic source and that therefore the regional councils as port… Continue reading Questions Over Government Rail Freight Strategy [3]

NZRM Update 2021-03-09

Good evening. As noted on the project’s Facebook page, this week’s update will focus on completing coverage of the webmaps for the North Island, rather than adding all volumes in the South Island as was originally proposed in this timeframe. Last week’s update took a lot more work than planned, partly because of extra work… Continue reading NZRM Update 2021-03-09